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In the 21st century we are connected to everything: cell phones, tablets, laptops, Bluetooth headsets…the list goes on.  We surround ourselves with material things – but it’s never enough. We go to coffee shops to feel like a part of the community, only to sit there with headphones on.

It’s a sad story, really. But it doesn’t have to be yours.

You can choose to live your life. All it takes is getting back outside and reconnecting with nature. To feel the sun on your skin, the wind in your face, or the rain dripping off your nose. When was the last time you sat around a campfire or under the stars and simply talked to your friends or loved ones?

I’m Brian Zinke [zinc] and I create images designed to inspire you to reconnect with the natural world and with each other. Through my photography you will be reminded of the beauty of this world and of the human soul. It is my passion to encourage people to get outdoors and create their own adventures, while promoting conservation and outdoor education. As part of that, I partner with charities, non-profits, and local organizations whenever I can. Plus, each year a portion of my proceeds is donated to reputable organizations that support conservation, research, and education.

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Brian's award-winning work has been featured in numerous outlets and has been a contributing columnist to Wyoming Lifestyle Magazine.

Photo courtesy of Stasya Berber




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