the scientist


When I'm not out taking photographs, I'm usually fulfilling my other passion: biology. I am a trained wildlife ecologist with a Master's in Biology. My area of expertise is mammalogy, or the study of mammals. 

That being said, I have worked with numerous different species, including:

endangered species: Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit, black-footed ferret, Preble's meadow jumping mouse

owls: great gray, boreal, great horned, northern pygmy, northern saw-whet, short-eared, long-eared, and burrowing

skunks: eastern and western spotted

bats: Townsend's big-eared bat, western small-footed myotis, big brown, little brown myotis

prairie dogs: white- and black-tailed

marsh birds: American bittern, sora, pied-billed grebe, long-billed curlew, Virginia rail

grassland birds: mountain plover

mice, rats, shrews, ground squirrels, chipmunks, voles: over twenty species 


Working with wildlife and seeing the declines in both the number of animals on the landscape and the amount of suitable habitat is one of the main reasons I started this endeavor. By showing people these incredible animals and landscapes, I hope to inspire others to get outdoors and enjoy nature. Because when we appreciate nature, we protect and conserve it, which is a win-win for us and the wildlife.


P.S. - I enjoy teaching others about wildlife, so if you are curious about anything or have a question feel free to ask me. I'd love to hear from you.



    Photos courtesy of: (top) Jessica Ulysses Grant Photography; (bottom) Stasya Berber





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